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Rent Car

$ 25.00

Rent Car


$ 30.00

About us about our rules:

-Must be at least 18 years or older to rent from us.  

-Must be at least 16 or older if you are under 18 years old. Must have parents guidance when renting with  our company or a legal adult willing to sign you off as a co-singer.

-Must rent the car online though our company site or make a reservation over the phone by calling: ((858)-432-8612).

-Must pay a Deposit of $300.00 to rent a car from our company. 

-Must bring the cars back with filled tank or there will be an extra charge of $4.50 a gallon when returning  the car.

-Must purchase car Insurance when rent a car form our company. 

- If you want to rent the car for a longer term, then what your are renting the car for. You will need to    make a phone call to extend your rental time with our company. ***No Exceptions

-No Credit Check is required