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It is time to vote once again so VOTE for your National, local  and Delegate Board Members.

I, Cynthia Turner is running for

National Board, Local Board and 

Convention  Delegate.  I love our Union and is happy to get a chance to run for Office in our SAG-AFTRA Union. I film, Produce and Edit many Projects as seen online and here on my website.  l  have signed as Partners with many top named Companies who need work done.  Please vote for me, Cynthia Turner  of the San Diego National Board Member,  Local Board  Thanks Again!  This is HOT!

Not paid for with SAG-AFTRA Funds

Reggie Miller Twittter , Shawntae Green and Cynthia Turner Green Cousin

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Turner Enterprises Entertainment Our Family and Friends thanks for your contribution.

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Famous Cheryl Miller, NBA Women Coach, Shawntae Green and Cynthia Turner (Green) Cousin

​(Professional Family)

Reggie Miller TNT Former NBA #31! Shawntae Green and Cynthia Turner Cousin

(Professional Family)

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See Voter's Guide - 2019 San Diego Local Elections

to see  all who is running in the 2019 Campaign for SAG-AFTRA National and Local Boards!