(Ages 13 thru 17)


Miss America West Nationals Pageant Registration San Diego County

April 2022 Register Early!

Due to Corvic-19 the Pageant Entry Fee has been reduced for participation.

​​Ages 19+

MAWNP Registration
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Pageant Entry


Brigitte Patton

Miss America West Nationals Pageant

Register for Miss Teen America West Nationals Pageant before the Pageant Date April 2020 Pageant

 Limited Space Available, Register Early

​​Deposit     $100.00 (non refundable)

Entry Fee   $400.00

Deposit:   $100.00(non Refundable)

Entry Fee $300.00 (Valentine Day Special)

Pageant Winners

Miss Teen America West Nationals $300

Miss Teen America West Nationals Runner Up $150.00

Crown, Sash, Cash, Flowers and Surprise Bonus

Chance to Participate in Parades, Commercials and More!

Winner Kale'a  Mims

"Miss Teen America West Nationals"

Feb. 2022 Registration

Register Early Limited Spaces

Pageant Entry

Most of the Pageant Winners will:

​1. Participate in  up coming parades in San Diego

2. Participate in other Live Activites in the area

3. Learn Pageant Etiquett

4. Receive the above Pageant  Prizes

Minimum of 6 Contestants in each category

Miss Diamond and More San Diego County

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Tiny Mr. Diamond Ages 5-8 Little Mr. Diamond Ages 9-12 Teen Mr. Diamond Ages 13-17 Mr. Diamond Ages 18+

Winner Caroline Maxwell

"Miss Teen America West Nationals"

Minimum of 6 Contestants Each Category

Pageant Entry

Special Fee Non Participant!                     Deposit      $100.00 (Non Refundable)

Crown Only Non Cash Prize                       Entry Fee   $100.00

****Mail Only Entry Winners***

Questions feel free to contact us here, thanks!  Or Visit 

Special Participant MAWNP
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November 2022 Event  Winners  "The MR. and Little Mr. Entry Form

Teeny Mr. Diamond   Ages 5 thru 12         $300.00

Little Mr. Diamond    Ages 13 thru 18       $300.00

Mr. Diamond            Ages 18+                   $300.00

winners will receive Crown, Sash, Flowers and Gifts

Entry Fee for Pageant


Miss America West Nationals Pageant Queen

$400.00 CASH

Crown, Sash, Flowers, Gifts, Parades and More

Chance to Participate In Parades, Commercials and More! At least

10 participants to Enter Pageant

Miss Teen America West Nationals Pageant Registration

San Diego County

Little Miss Diamond  2021

​         "Grace"

"Winners has a chance to participate in Parades and More!

Pageant Registration

Held October 2022

Register Early, Thanks!

Winners has a Chance to Participate in Parades and More


Little Miss Diamond   $  300.00  (Age 5-12)

Miss Diamond             $ 300.00   (Age 13-18)

Ms. or Mrs. Diamond  $ 300.00   ( Age 19+)

Plus Crown, Sash, Surprise Gift, Flowers


​Little Miss Diamond

Deposit    $100.00

Entry Fee $200.00

Miss Diamond

Deposit     $100.00

Entry Fee  $200.00

Ms. or Mrs. Diamond

Deposit    $100.00 

Entry Fee $200.00

SPECIAL Fee Non Participant in Money Prize!

Participate in Crown Only Prize ​**Mail Only**

Deposit    $125.00 (Non Refundable)

Entry Fee $125.00

Winners in this Category will

not Participate in Parades, other Events!

Little Miss Diamond

Miss Diamond

Ms or Mrs Diamond

All Deposits are Non Refundable