Long White Vail

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Shawntae Green Mega Star 

Long White Mega Star Vail

6 FT. Long

Reg: $5000.00        Each Piece    Sale: $450.00

Item #5051

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27" Back Length   17 1/2 In front Face

Small Headband C

Shawntae Green Artist MTV Model Long Vail

Photography by Cynthia Turner

Mega Star Shawntae Green MTV, CMT, VH1 Long Mega Star Vail

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Cynthia Turner Models White Mid Length Movie Star Veil

Photography by Shawntae Green

Movie Star White Mid Length Veil

Cynthia Turner Movie Star

White Mid Length Vail

Reg: $1,000.00      Each Piece  Sale: $149.99


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GEORGIA and more....

This Could Be Your Event Or Similar!


Photography by Cynthia Turner

Cynthia's Hot Star Droplet Vail

White Mid Length Veil

Cynthia's Hot Star Droplet Vail

28" inches Long Back Vail

13" inches Long Front Vail

Small Head Band C

Reg: $1200   Each Piece      SALE: $200.99

Item #5052

Free S/H In USA

Made In USA