A Crime Victim can be Financial, Harrassement, Rape, Sexual Assault, Stalking, Punching,  Stabbing, Shootings, Hitting, Housing, please Stop and Victims get help!  Contact 911 for Emergency Assistant. Turner Enterprises Entertainment

If you are a Victim complete the form to the right.  Thanks

More Helpful Numbers in San Diego

Check Your Local County Listing for City Help Services

311 Non Emergency

511 Freeway Assistance

811 Call Before You DIG


A Non Profit to help others Any Donation Help With Harassment, Sexual Assault, Rape and More. Turner Enterprises Entertainment,  Thanks!

Need Assistance With Food, Lights, Water or Gas


211 Help Center

In Your San Diego Area for Assistance

Tell them your needs

Check your listings in other areas for Help Center (311, etc.)

(In San Diego County Call Interfaith)

(Social Service Has List For Help)

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